Susan Goss is a dynamic speaker and can speak on a variety of topics.  Tangible Truth Ministries brings professional knowledge combined with the truth of God’s word to current issues and topics.

Topics that Tangible Truth Ministries can speak on:

Healthy Sexuality
Anxiety: Addicted to Anxiety
Circle Talk or “That’s Not in My Circle” ***** Most requested topic
Self Care
Spiritual Growth
Parenting Your Adult Children
Parenting Your Teen
Functional Depression
Living Through Pain
Lessons Learned from the Healthy and Unhealthy Patterns from your Family of Origin
Setting Boundaries
Pride: In With the Good…Out With the Bad
Meeting People Where They Are:  Understanding Empathy
Other: Work with church, group or organization upon your request


Speaking Event

Circle Talk is a life-changing message that visually demonstrates the importance of releasing the aspects of your life to God that only He can truly control. Susan combines biblical principles with personal testimony to deliver a message applicable to every person who hears it. You will hear:

  • The difference between what is your business to control and what is God’s business to control.
  • How to move from having a me-controlled heart to a God-controlled heart.
  • What Jesus meant when He instructed us to take His yoke upon us
  • The importance of casting all your cares upon God
  • What it means to ask God what should be in your circle

The Circle Talk is Susan’s most popular message and can be tailored to fit a variety of themes.

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